​​Sozo Class Schedule :


Total Body Conditioning - 8:30am (Zoom & Gym)

Barre & More - 10:30am (Zoom only)

Total Body Conditioning - 5:30pm (Zoom & Gym)

Yoga- 6:30pm (Zoom & Gym)



Power Hour- 5:30am (Gym only)

Cycle- 8:30am (Gym only)

Indoor/Outdoor HIIT- 9:30am (Gym only)

Indoor/Outdoor HIIT 5:45pm (Gym only)



Pilates Fusion-  8:30am (Zoom & Gym)

Total Body Conditioning - 1:30pm (Zoom & Gym)

Total Body Conditioning - 4:30pm (Zoom & Gym)



Power Hour- 5:30am (Gym only)

Weights/Cycle/Weights - 8-9:30am (Gym only)

Weights/Cycle/Weights - 4-5:30pm (Gym only)

PHIIT- 5:45pm (Gym only)



PHIIT - 8:30am (Gym only)

Core & More - 10:30am (Zoom only) 



Outdoor Bootcamp - 8:30am (Gym Only)


Class Descriptions:

Barre & More


Barre & More is for all ages and fitness levels!  Head to toe workout in 0-60 minutes! 10 - Warmup and Balance; 10 Cardio; 10 Barre with a chair; 10 Weights; 10 Core; 10 Stretching! 

Pilates Fusion


Pilates is a low impact class intended to strengthen the core and improve range of motion through mostly, but not limited to, body weight exercises.  

Total Body Conditioning 


Total Body Conditioning is an interval-based cardio class that will be using light to medium hand weights and body weight resistance to perform toning and strengthening exercises to get a full body workout.


Cycle is a music-driven, cardiovascular workout on a bike. It elevates your heart rate (and your spirits) while burning fat, calories and maybe a bit of mental baggage too.


This class starts with 30 minutes of weights, followed by 30 mins of spin, followed by 30 min of weights.  This class is designed to give options for member's schedules.  

So, you could get the full hour of spin and weights from 8-9 or 830-930, same for 4-5 & 430-530.

Indoor/Outdoor HIIT

HIIT weaves together total body strength exercises, high intensity interval training (HIIT), and a cardio burnout.

Core & More

Begin with muscle warmup; add in balance & standing ab work, elevating heart rate; down to floor to add focus on the core and back; add in some arm and leg strengthening exercises; finish with stretching.  Result = Stronger Core and Back and Better Posture, Balance and Stability.


This multi-level yoga class incorporates gentle, flowing movements with breathing, static poses to harness strength, and deep stretching to improve flexibility.  Lots of options offered so you'll find success no matter what your experience!

Power Hour

This class will be a full body workout that focuses on strengthening and toning muscles through Plyometric, body weight, and hand weight exercise.


Pronounced FIT, this mixes Pilates High Intensity Interval Training.  This multi-level class is pilates based core work mixed with cardio and strength intervals.  

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